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BOLI Administration Services

HMH offers the following services to organizations and their executives:

  • Timely and Accurate Custom Reports
    HMH provides organizations with client-specific reports that allow management to be fully informed about the performance of their life insurance programs and provide its own timely reports to all internal and external stakeholders.
  • Ongoing Audits
    HMH undertakes ongoing oversight of insurance carrier administration of the life insurance programs to assure clients that they are getting accurate information that is consistent with carrier commitments.
  • Cash Flow Management
    HMH supervises death claim management and facilitates ad hoc requests for cash to assure timely payments consistent with client objectives.
  • Change Management
    HMH monitors activities and events bearing on client objectives to identify and facilitate necessary changes in the life insurance program.

For further information, call Aimee Viola, Principal, HMH Consulting at 908-463-7535.