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Regulatory Filings Services

The HMH team provides a wide range of regulatory compliance services to insurance companies, including:

  • Product filings
  • Separate account filings
  • SEC filings

HMH services include:

  • Contract drafting and design
  • Development of contract terms meeting regulators' requirements
  • Legal research, including 50 state surveys
  • SERFF and EDGAR filings
  • Preparation of all documents required for insurance product filings
    • State-specific product forms
    • Separate account methods of operations
    • Certifications and board resolutions
    • Actuarial memoranda and analyses
  • Responses to regulators' comment letters
  • Guidance and support for actuaries and product executives

HMH creates innovative solutions assuring sale of your product in your target markets.

We understand the legal and public policy concerns of your regulators and have a proven track record of delivering win-win solutions while meeting your marketing schedule.

For further information, call Charles Morgan, Principal, HMH Consulting at 609-636-0544.