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HMH has experience advising investors on life insurance.

Investors in life insurance face challenges including:

  • Identifying new asset classes the returns of which are not correlated with those of other asset classes
  • Assuring that life insurance products perform as expected
  • Mortality gains
  • Sales price
  • Insurable interest risk
  • Tax risk
  • Regulatory and legislative risk
  • Managing change with respect to inadequate product performance

HMH delivers incisive advice to investors pertaining to those challenges:

  • Evaluated investor-owned life insurance structures since the 1990s
  • Enhanced product returns often exceeding 200 bps
  • Certified the formulas, calculation methods and business rules used to support insurers' products, general ledgers and systems that implement illustrations and proposals
  • Developed experience rating and other methods for managing the risks and pricing of products
  • Drafted applicable insurable interest and tax rules

HMH has designed specialized applications of life insurance for investors throughout the United States.