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HMH professionals are nationally recognized insurance, tax and actuarial experts.

HMH Principals testify on behalf of clients in adversarial proceedings, working under your supervision. Upon completion of our expert advice and/or testimony, you will be well-positioned to obtain an attractive settlement or win your case at trial.

Example of a recent HMH result for one client:

  • Settlement exceeding $100 million

HMH actuaries play a particularly critical role in insurance litigation:

  • Broad and deep knowledge of insurance mechanics
  • Professionally trained to identify and quantify risks (including contingent events and adverse selection)
  • Highly credible and effective expert witnesses


  • Certify insurers' products and financial statements to regulators – no product can be sold without an actuarial certification
  • Develop mortality tables used by state and federal governments
  • Develop mortality tables and underwriting standards for risk classification and pricing of insurance contracts
  • Certify the formulas, calculation methods and business rules used to support insurers' Corporate-Sponsored Life Insurance (BOLI, COLI, IOLI, STOLI and TOLI) products, general ledgers and systems that implement illustrations and proposals

See our Expert Witness Services page.