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Change Management

A successful life insurance program will have a life span extending over many decades. HMH has extensive experience helping clients cope with the impact of events on their life insurance programs.

You need to call us if you answer "no" to any of the following questions:

  • If your insurance carrier changes your pricing, will you be aware of it?
  • If a court issues a ruling that affects the way in which your program is structured, will you be aware of it?
  • If a state legislature amends the insurance laws that affect the way in which your program is structured, will you be aware of it?
  • If the tax rules pertaining to your program change, will you be aware of them?
  • If events affecting your investment options require a change (e.g., loss of key portfolio managers or poor performance), are you aware of how to work with the insurance carrier to find a replacement that meets your requirements without violating the "control rule?"
  • If you lose your staff that is knowledgeable about your program, are you confident that you know who will manage it for you and who will give you reliable information about it?
  • Is it easy for you to develop the content for presentations for internal stakeholders about changes affecting your life insurance programs?

HMH will work with you and your life insurance carriers to monitor the impact of change on your program and recommend actions needed to assure that the program continues to meet client expectations. Moreover, we work with your organization on a one-on-one basis or in small group settings to assure effective communication of recommended changes to key stakeholders. Areas of focus include:

  • Insurance Carrier Actions: We report unanticipated carrier actions revealed during our ongoing audits that call for action on the part of the client. We report on the rationale for those actions, object to those changes on behalf of the client where appropriate, and develop the client response where those changes are unavoidable.
  • Tax, Court, Legislative, and Other Regulatory Events: As specialists in the many arcane disciplines bearing on life insurance programs, HMH is immediately aware of events having an impact on its clients' programs, HMH has an intimate understanding of the implications for clients' programs, and HMH will act to inform its clients about those implications and the options available for client action.
  • Staff Turnover: HMH fills the gaps immediately when key personnel depart, doing the work needed by the client until replacement staff is hired and trained. HMH will help in training the new staff and supplies replacement copies of the documents governing the programs when the originals cannot be found.