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Communications Strategy and Development

Ensure your new program is understood and well received by key stakeholders.

As you evaluate, purchase and implement a COLI, BOLI or TOLI program, you may need to keep your benefits and compensation committee, executive committee, board members and employees apprised of your plans and progress. Targeted and timely communications to key stakeholders, both at inception and ongoing, will help you achieve your benefits funding and delivery objectives.

Working with you on a one-on-one basis to understand your specific and unique communication needs, HMH delivers:

  • Executive communications such as reports and correspondence
  • Scripted presentations for your use at committee and board meetings
  • Focus group development and facilitation
  • Employee communications that explain the value of specific benefits funding and delivery programs
  • Employee enrollment materials

Upon completion of these communication deliverables at inception, your stakeholders will understand the value of your COLI, BOLI or TOLI program.

Completion of these communication deliverables on an ongoing basis assures that your:

  • Original stakeholders will be informed that either:
    • The program is operating as projected or
    • Actions have been taken to address issues that could prevent it from operating as projected

New members of the benefits and compensation committee, executive committee, and board will understand the value of your program.